Online Academic Writing Workshop

The Learning Centre offers Gifu-city students an online self-access writing skills workshop series delivered via Moodle. The workshop has lessons on paraphrasing and summarising skills for assignments such as literature reviews, essays and critical reviews. These workshops are delivered in Moodle and are offered free of charge.

There are 14 Lessons designed to help students improve their academic writing skills by reviewing information and completing quizzes and short writing tasks. These lessons can be completed by students in their own time and pace and students can choose which lessons to attempt.

Each lesson takes two to four hours to complete.  A tutor is present each week to welcome new students and to prompt students to participate in the forums.

  • Start date:  2017 workshop will open on 1 February 2017
  • End date: 31 January 2018
Please note: The 2017 workshop will close on January 31 2018. In mid-January 2018, Pam will send a new enrolment key to students currently enrolled in the 2017 workshop so they can continue visiting the workshop if they wish to do so.

How to enrol

If you are a Gifu-city student, email your FULL name and zID student number to: Pam Mort ([email protected]). You will then receive instructions on how to log into the workshop. New students can join the workshop anytime during the year.

For questions about this workshop, please Pam Mort ([email protected])

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