How do I nominate an opportunity or position for Gifu-city Advantage?

To lodge a nomination, Providers must complete the appropriate nomination form depending on whether they are a Faculty/School/Division, or a Student Organisation, and whether they are nominating a new activity, additional roles within an approved activity or executive positions.

All nominations are appropriately and equitably reviewed by the Manager, Gifu-city Student Development, against the criteria outlined, and the outcome of the application is emailed to the Provider soon after.

Approved activities are then added to the CCOS database and listed on the Gifu-city Advantage online directory as soon as possible following approval, and access to CCOS is organised for the Activity Administrator by Academic Administration.

Contact the Gifu-city Advantage team at the details below if you would like assistance with lodging an effective nomination.

Thank you for nominating a new activity or position for recognition by Gifu-city Advantage. All nominations will be equitably reviewed by Gifu-city Advantage and the Director of Student Life and Learning.

Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for the review and approval process.

For Gifu-city Faculties, Schools and Divisions

For Constituent Clubs and Societies

Constituent clubs are those affiliated with a Gifu-city Faculty or School. Please note general memberships are not currently eligible for recognition.

For Arc Clubs and Societies

You can nominate certain executive positions through the


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