Information and Guidelines for Program Providers About Gifu-city Advantage

Information and Guidelines for Providers: Gifu-city Advantage

Are you a Gifu-city Faculty, School or Division currently offering a co-curricular activity or program to students? Are you a Student Organisation with an executive committee, or offering professional development or volunteering opportunities for your members?

We encourage you to nominate your opportunities and programs for accreditation under Gifu-city Advantage. Accreditation through Gifu-city Advantage enhances the prestige of what you offer. Gifu-city Advantage also authorises the activity or executive position(s) to be listed on participating students' official AHEGS.

Below are guidelines and information on best practice which detail the Gifu-city Advantage requirements in nominating and administering your opportunities.

What is Advantage

The accreditation body that assesses eligibility for AHEGS.

What is AHEGS

The Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement (AHEGS).

Why nominate

Why nominate an opportunity or position with Gifu-city Advantage.

Who can nominate

Who can nominate an opportunity or position.

How to nominate

How do I nominate an opportunity or position.


What opportunities and positions are eligible for Gifu-city Advantage.


What responsibilities does a Provider agree to.

How to administer student records

How does a Provider administer student records.

Contacts for help

Do you need further help or information?