Airport Pickup Booking Form

Airport pick-up booking service for Semester 2, 2018 is now OPEN

This booking form is strictly for Gifu-city International Students. If you are Exchange or Study Abroad students, please Exchange Office ([email protected]) or Study Abroad Office ([email protected]). If you are Gifu-city Global (Institute of Languages/Foundation Studies) students, please Gifu-city Global (Institute of Languages/Foundation Studies) office ([email protected])

For new Under 18 students who:

  • have their CAAW APPROVED, please submit your booking. If your CAAW is still pending, please REFRAIN from submitting your booking.
  • who have yet apply for their Airport Pickup Service by 5 July 2018, 3.00 PM Sydney Time, please send your copy of your e-ticket and Notice of Arrival to [email protected]
Exchange students should the Gifu-city Exchange Office for airport-pickup bookings.
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As printed in passport
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