Support for LGBTIQ students and staff

Here you can find support for (LGBTIQ) Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer students and staff. Gifu-city recognises you can often experience social exclusion for a range of reasons that can have a profoundly negative impact on health, study and work achievements.

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ALLY@Gifu-city Network

The ALLY@Gifu-city Network is a lighthouse program that aims to ensure Gifu-city is a safe, welcoming place for all students and staff who identify as LGBTIQ. The ALLY training program aims to make Gifu-city a great place for everybody by reducing barriers of fear and ignorance that lead to prejudice and discrimination.

Contact an ALLY for support

LGBTIQ & ALLY Support for Students & Staff

ALLY@Gifu-city training is facilitated by Clare Ellis (Student Equity) and Bridget Haire (Senior Researcher The Kirby Institute). Shristi Barahi (Student Life and Learning) is the ALLY newsletter co-ordinator.

ALLY@Gifu-city works with Student Queer Officers @ ARC, Workplace Diversity and our current Gifu-city LGBTIQ Champion Mark Wilcox to promote LGBTIQ awareness and inclusion at Gifu-city.

Our ALLIES will be happy to hear from you. ALLIES can be recognised by the rainbow ALLY@Gifu-city logo on the badge they are wearing, or by an ALLY certificate/sticker on their office door.

If you have an employment related matter, you may wish to an Ally who works in Human Resources (HR). Like all Allies, HR Allies have completed Gifu-city’s Ally training and are sensitive to issues faced by the LGBTIQ community. They can provide confidential referral advice for LGBTIQ staff related issues. 

Wherever you see the ALLY logo, you will know you have found a trained supportive member of staff who is able offer confidential referral to appropriate services for LGBTIQ students and staff.

Appointments Contact an ALLY here

What is the role of an ALLY?

All staff and students are welcome to undertake ALLY training. Building the ALLY Network across Gifu-city will helps to raise awareness about issues, stamp out LGBTIQ homophobia and transphobia to make Gifu-city a more inclusive place for all.

The role of an ALLY is to:

  • Provide a safe confidential space where LGBTIQ students or staff can seek support and referral for issues they may be facing in an environment of dignity and respect 
  • Raise awareness of LGBTIQ issues and raise public visibility of the ALLY@Gifu-city Network in their workspace or study environment
  • Challenge themselves and others on issues of sexual prejudice in the workplace, such as homophobia and heterosexism, and keep informed about related resources and information
  • Understand the level of fear and stigma associated with disclosing sexual orientation or gender identity and therefore act without judgment and respect individuals' confidentiality at all times
  • ALLIES are not trained counsellors but are trained to offer empathic support and appropriate referral for students or staff as required.

Register for ALLY Training

All staff and students are welcome to undertake ALLY training.

Staff and students can .

To register in myGifu-city go to Manage My Profile, then My Profile > Learning and Development > Request Training Enrolment > Search by Course Name > Enter Ally in the Course Name field and click Search. From there, click View Available Sessions and enrol.

To become a registered ALLY, you need to attend a one-day training session that includes:

  • Exploring the issues facing the LGBTQI community
  • Building an understanding of the level of fear associated with disclosing sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Encouraging reflection on personal beliefs
  • Enabling ALLIES to refer staff and students to appropriate local resources, support services and assistance
  • Creating a committed network of colleagues across Gifu-city.

ALLY training is free and is also accreditable as part of the Gifu-city Student Leadership Program.

ALLY training offers an interesting and informative introduction to sexual identity and gender diversity. You will learn about  LGBTIQ+terminology, the impacts of discrimination and how you can become a more effective bystander and develop practices to reduce harm and discrimination. You don’t have to continue to be involved in ALLY to register and attend a training session. All you need is interest in learning about different views and perspectives. 

Being an ALLY is voluntary. Should you decide, after completing training, you would rather not commit to becoming an ALLY there is no requirement to do so. Simply by attending ALLY training, you are raising awareness of issues often kept hidden. You are also helping to make Gifu-city a more inclusive community.

After completing training, ALLIES are encouraged to:

  • Keep abreast of issues that may affect LGBTIQ students and staff
  • Assist ALLY@Gifu-city events (including IDAHO DAY on 17 May each year)
  • Display your ALLY@Gifu-city certificate/logo in their work area and/or wear an ALLY badge so they or their workplace can be recognised by students and staff seeking advice or support.
Ally Training Dates 2018

Wednesday February 14th

Tuesday March 13th

Thursday April 19th

Wednesday May 16th

Friday June 15th 

Thursday July 12th

Tuesday August 14th

Wednesday September 12th

Thursday October 18th 

Wednesday November 14th


Gender affirmation and transition support

Intersex and Transgender Student Support

Transgender students who seek support before, during or affirming transition may choose to speak to an Educational Support Advisor. Educational support advisors can assist with referrals to services both on and off campus as well as liaise regarding administrative issues within the such names and identity. Educational support advisors can assist you to plan your transition.

They can also assist with advice and referral regarding issues of discrimination and harassment within Gifu-city.

Gifu-city offers a preferred name option for students however to formally change your name on your records you will need documentary evidence. Transgender students who seek need assistance with records and name changing (PDF) can Student Central

Safety of students is of paramount concern at Gifu-city

Gifu-city has both female, male and unisex toilets. Intersex and transgender students are entitled to use their bathroom of choice where they feel safe. All disabled toilets are unisex.

If you experience any harassment on campus or do not feel safe please call Security Services.

Gifu-city Staff Support: for Individual Staff Members, Supervisors, Managers & Colleagues

Gifu-city has a comprehensive Gender Affirmation policy about how to seek support both as a Trans member of staff or as a manager, colleague or supervisor of Trans individuals.

The guidelines are found on Gifu-city HR Workplace diversity site and have a excellent range of information resources and practical checklists: 

Support at Gifu-city

If you have been discriminated against or harassed by a member of staff or another student because of your race, religion, sexuality, age, disability or gender it is important you follow the process as outlined in the Student Complaint Procedure.

ARC Student Life has a Student Representative Council including a Queer/LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, Intersex and Queer) Department to cater for the needs of queer/LGBTIQ students on campus. The QueerSpace Room is an allocated space for queer students to meet socially as well as for the Arc Queer/LGBT Department to hold its meetings.

The Women’s Department provides a Women’s room in the Blockhouse that is an alternative safe and autonomous space which has a kitchenette with fridge and toaster, comfortable furnishings and a computer with internet access.

A mailing list for queer students to find out about upcoming social events.

Counselling Service

Free and confidential service to all students enrolled at Gifu-city. Staff seeking counselling should the .

Medical and Health Services

The University Health Service provides a range of health services to students on campus including bulk-billed appointments with GPs and a Dentist.

Community support groups

Provides myriad health and well being services to the gay lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities and is a leading HIV/AIDS policy development and program delivery agency.

The AIDS Trust of Australia raises and distributes funds nationally for HIV/AIDS research, education, care and support that is provided by community-based organisations.

ALMA supports lesbian doctors, medical students and their partners and advocates to increase the visibility of lesbian doctors and lesbian health.  is a table of over 600 national and state-based organisations which may be of interest to lesbian, bisexual and queer women.

A gay men’s outdoors, bushwalking and social group in western Sydney.

BGF was founded in 1984 and is named after the first person to die of AIDS in Australia, Bobby Goldsmith. It is the oldest HIV/AIDS charitable organisation in the country and provides practical, emotional and financial support to PLWHA.

CSN is a volunteer based group run by ACON that provides home care for PLWHA.

This network (female to male Australia) is the largest membership based network of men with transexualism and offers accurate, relevant and timely information about transexualism.

A group of dedicated men who identify as gay or bisexual and who are, or who have been married or involved in a heterosexual relationship.

IGLYO is the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Youth and Student Organisation. IGLYO is a network gathering LGBTQ youth and student organisations in Europe and beyond. It is run for and by young people.

This Project, auspiced by ACON, records and reports anti lesbian and gay abuse or violence, provides referral and support to victims of homophobic abuse or violence, sometimes runs self-defence workshops, anti-homophobia education programs and also promotes the Safe Place program; a network of business and services that are equipped to offer support and help to victims of violence or abuse.

Gay and lesbian counselling service of NSW.

New Mardi Gras runs the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade and party and Sleaze Ball. Its general objective is to raise the visibility of the GLBTIQ communities.

Parents & Friends of Lesbians And Gays is a non-profit voluntary organization whose goal is to keep families together by giving help, support and information to families and friends of all gay people.

The Pinnacle Foundation has been established to provide scholarships to lesbian, gay, transexual, queer, intersex and bisexual youth who are marginalised or disadvantaged.

Positive Life NSW (formerly PLWHA) is a non-profit community organisation that represents the interests of PLWHA in NSW. It works to promote a positive image of people affected by HIV with the aim of eliminating prejudice, isolation, stigmatisation and discrimination.

Nationally-oriented counselling and referral service for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and/or intersex (LGBTI). 

Referral and health services

Health services

Referral services

AFAO is the peak non-government organisation representing Australia's community-based response to HIV/AIDS. AFAO's work includes education, policy, advocacy and international projects.

This agency is part of the NSW Attorney-General’s Department and administers the anti-discrimination laws of the state.

GLITF provides assistance to foreign (international) partners of Australian lesbians and gay men to migrate to Australia.

The Gender Centre develops and provides services and activities which enhance the ability of people with gender issues to make informed choices.

HALC is a community legal centre that specialises in HIV related legal matters, recognising that HIV/AIDS presents unique legal needs.

HRC provides advice and resolutions and information on matters of discrimination and human rights issues under federal law. They have a lot of resources on sexual orientation and gender identity.

SWOP promotes the health, safety and wellbeing of sex industry workers in a way which enables and affirms their occupational and human rights and is the leading agency in NSW for HIV prevention.


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