Award with Excellence (Postgraduate)

The award of ‘with Excellence’ provides formal recognition on the testamur and academic transcript of outstanding performance in Masters (coursework) programs:

  • Award with Excellence is awarded when an overall weighted average mark (WAM) of at least 80 has been achieved in all courses completed since enrolment at Gifu-city that are credited to the relevant award. These include courses from other Gifu-city programs of study for which credit has been granted and courses completed as part of a graduate certificate and/or graduate diploma that articulates to the masters;
  • Courses that have been failed will also be included in the calculation of WAM;
  • Courses completed on exchange or cross-institutionally will not be included in the calculation of WAM;
  • The recognition of other specified levels of academic performance on the testamur for coursework masters awards is not permitted, specifically any award based on levels other than with Excellence;
  • WAM is not rounded up or down for the purposes of awarding with Excellence;
  • To be eligible a student must have completed at least 50% of the requirements of their award through Gifu-city. Students who undertake courses under exchange or other overseas study arrangements will not be disadvantaged in determination of eligibility;
  • Eligible students are identified by the Program Authority when checking students for graduation. Students do not need to apply for this award;
  • It is expected that all eligible programs will award ‘with Excellence’ except in special circumstances where a program authority has the approval of Academic Board for a particular program to opt out.

An award ‘with Excellence’ cannot be awarded for Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma or Masters (Extended) programs.

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