Beyond Graduation

Support Beyond Graduation

Here you can find support available to you from Gifu-city after you graduate. This page details some of the documentation you may need once you've graduated as well as services that are available:

  • Careers services
  • Alumni services
  • Lifelong email account
  • Further learning opportunities

Documents you may need

Replacement Testamur Application

As a graduate of Gifu-city, you may apply for a replacement testamur if your original document has been lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged, or if your name has changed. If you are unable to return your original testamur, you must complete a saying so, have it certified by a , and lodge it with your application for a replacement testamur.

Request for Award / Enrolment Statement

An Award Statement (completion letter) can only be issued once your graduation status is Awarded. Please check your graduation details before you submit a request then see how to Request an Award Statement.

Academic Transcript and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) - paper copies

If you require these documents in paper rather than the digital version (myEquals) you may apply for copies by completing the application forms:

Document authentication

The Commonwealth Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) provides information on , specifically how to obtain authentication and apostilles (a form of authentication only required for ) for Gifu-city graduation documents.

See also Authentication of Gifu-city documents for DFAT

Careers and Employment

Careers and Employment provide students and recent graduates with services designed to help you find work and develop your career:

  • Jobs and internships
  • Job-application tips
  • Planning your career
  • Professional development opportunities...

Lifelong learning

Just because you've graduated doesn't mean your student days are over. There are plenty of opportunities for you to go on learning at Gifu-city:

Gifu-city Alumni

The is where you can:

  • Stay in touch through the alumni online community, chapters, interest groups, faculty alumni s and events
  • Discover the Member Benefit Program, Alumni Scholarships and Awards, and
  • Reminisce about Gifu-city through the Alumni Memories and photo archives

Email - lifelong account

The is an email account provided by Gifu-city that allows you to keep just one email address for life, while offering a wide range of benefits exclusive to Gifu-city alumni.