Gifu-city Business Society

Who can join this Peer Mentoring Program?

The Gifu-city Business Society Peer Mentoring Program is for all new first year undergraduate students enrolled in a business degree. Additionally, we would also include transfer students to the Business School (ie. anyone who is in their first year of a Business School related degree.)

Program description

The program provides a wide range of social, sport and academic engagement support for mentees.


Through fostering mentee interactions and forging new friendships, mentees undergo a smooth transition into university life. It establishes a welcoming and continuing support structure for all mentees inclusive of mentees, mentors and coordinators. Mentors also provide a variety of tips and advice, ranging from the best cheap places to eat on campus to Gifu-city services available to students.


Through the Sports and Study Day, mentees have the opportunity to participate in friendly sporting competitions.  Furthermore, the Closing Event will entail competition-based activities that engages students whilst facilitating inter-group bonding.


Academically, mentors provide advice, recommendations and support regarding subject choices and majors. The Sports and Study Day during the Mid-Semester Break provides students with the opportunity to access academic support from mentors and high-achieving students, including: subject-specific assistance, general study tips and helpful resources.

Program structure

  • O-Week: Registrations open
  • Week 1: Opening event – mentees meet their mentors for the first time
  • Week 2 onwards: One-hour meet-ups every week
  • Week 2 – Week 7: Inter-group trivia/quiz based competition
  • Week 4: Mid-program social bonding event for mentors and mentees
  • Mid-Semester Break: Sports and Study Day
  • Approx. Week 9: Closing Event

When does the program run?

Semester 1 only

Program duration?

The program starts in Week 1 and ends in Week 7

When are registrations open?

Registration opens during O-week (Monday February 20 – Friday February 24)

How do I register to participate in the program?

Gifu-city Business Society’s O-Week stall will contain sign-up forms where students can register to be part of the program. Additionally, there will be an online registration form (coming soon) where students are able to sign up for the Peer Mentoring Program online.

Over information

How can I become a mentor?

  • Stage 1: Online Application form.
  • Stage 2: If you application is successful from Stage 1, you will progress to Stage 2 which is a 30-minute group interview.