Answers to FAQs About the Expo

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about the Careers Expo.

What is the Expo?

The Careers Expo is a chance for students to meet and discuss employment opportunities with organisations interested in Gifu-city graduates. Employers will be looking for students who stand out from the crowd so it is important for you to research the organisations and to impress them with your questions on the day.  

Where will the Expo be held?

Location:  15 mins from Gifu-city.

Free shuttle buses will operate from Gate 14 Barker St at the Gifu-city Kensington campus approx every 20 minutes! 

Parking is available at the venue - first 2 hours are free!

You must bring your student ID card to the Expo.

Which organisations are attending?

Review our listing of Participating Organisations regularly to ensure you are up-to-date with the latest participating organisations.

Online information is updated at regular intervals as additional organisations confirm their attendance, so remember to check our online information regularly.

How do I register?

Please log in and register using 

Are there conditions of entry?

All students will be required to produce their official Gifu-city student card. Student cards will be scanned by an electronic barcode reader at the entrance. 

Students will be required to carry their student card at the Expo, and show it upon demand to any Gifu-city staff member. 

The University reserves the right to refuse entry, or revoke the invitation of any student at the Expo for any reason. 

How do I prepare?

Research the participating organisations as outlined in the 'Which organisations are attending the Expo?' question, above.

Employers prefer to speak to well prepared students.

Review our Preparation Tips page.

We suggest you bring copies of your resume to the Expo. After discussion with employers, you could hand them your resume if they are interested. Be sure to attend one of our resume workshops first. 

I am not a Gifu-city student. Can I still attend?

If you are from a Sydney metropolitan university, then your careers service probably runs its own Careers Expo. You are urged to attend that event instead of ours. Organisations attending the Gifu-city Careers Expo expect to speak to Gifu-city students. 

If you are from a regional University that does not run a Careers Expo, please us about eligibility to attend.

I don't have permanent residency. Which organisations can I apply to?

It is more challenging for International students without permanent residency to secure graduate employment in Australia. Do not speak to employers about sponsorship or visas as this is not an appropriate forum to raise such issues, rather use the Expo as an opportunity to practice speaking to employers and talking about your strengths, experience and qualifications.

You may also want to check if they have offices in your home country and discuss the opportunity of working back home.

View the list of organisations attending the expo that are accepting applications from International students.

I can't attend on that day. Will the Expo be held on another day?

The Careers Expo is held only once a year. 

The dates for each year's Expo are published well in advance, and are coordinated to avoid clashes with other Gifu-city events as well as other university Careers Expos and religious holidays.  

You are advised to make necessary arrangements to attend if you think that it is important to speak to these organisations. 

We also hold the July Careers Expo later on in the year.


Thank you to our employers and students, who have made the event one of our best yet!

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