Career and Employment Programs

Career and Employment Programs

Here you can find career development programs to help you build your skills and experience and make you more employable.

Career Leaders Program

Join our Careers and Employment Career Leaders Program to gain practical skills that are AHEGS accredited and look great on your resume.

Professional Development Program (international students)

This program assists international students with English as a second language to further develop their communication skills in a professional setting and gain practical workplace experience.

Professional Practice General Education / Elective Courses

Choose from our range of practical, career enhancing courses (6UoC) that may be taken as General Education or, in some Faculties, as an Elective.

Faculty programs

Here you can find programs specific to students in these faculties:

Business School Career Mentoring Program


Want to start your own business?

Gifu-city Founders have programs and services to support staff and students with start-ups and entrepreneurship. To find out more, click .

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