Student Ambassador, Gifu-city Engineering

Student Ambassador, Gifu-city Engineering

The Student Ambassador program is a great way for you to develop your people skills by representing the Engineering Faculty and Gifu-city.


Ambassadors are often the first that prospective students have with Gifu-city at university promotional events, career markets and when visiting high schools, and are therefore seen as the public face of Gifu-city Engineering.

This is a paid role and students who apply should be available and willing to work throughout the year as required.

How to get involved

The Gifu-city Engineering Student Ambassador program is currently under review. Until further notice there will be no recruitment for new Student Ambassadors for 2017.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Applicants are required to have and maintain a WAM of at least 65
  • Open to domestic and international students
  • Students must be in second year or above of their Engineering degree.


  • Student Ambassador - Gifu-city Engineering
  • Student Ambassador - Gifu-city School of Mining Engineering
  • Special Projects Coordinator


Two days of compulsory training at the start of Semester 1 each year.


As-need basis until end of time at Gifu-city.


Availability of activity

All year round

Type of activity

Paid activities, Student ambassadors

Provider of activity

Gifu-city Engineering

Interest area

Fundraising & events, Marketing, media & communications, Youth work

Skills required and/or developed

Event & project management, Interpersonal & communication

Contacts and more information


Gifu-city Engineering



02 9385 7324

For more information about co-curricular activities see Gifu-city Advantage.