Verification of Gifu-city Documents for The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)

Here you will find instructions and authorised Gifu-city staff if you need documents signed for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Staff authorised to sign

Ali BAZZI, Mark CHHUY, Michelle CHHUY,  Tom DELLAS, Sarah JALLAD, Jonathan LIM, and Liam RUIZ.

Please read the information issued by the Australian Government on the  and websites.

If you have ed DFAT and they have advised that you need to have your original testamur or transcripts signed by Gifu-city please follow the steps below. These steps are also available as a  (PDF, 66kb, 1 page).

If you ARE able to come into Student Central

By appointment only.   Please call Student Central on to arrange an appointment. You will need to bring your original testamur (degree certificate), academic transcripts or letter to the appointment. Your documents will then be stamped and signed by an authorised officer so that you can submit them to DFAT.

If you wish to send a third party to act on your behalf, they will also need to bring a signed letter of authorisation from you requesting the documents be signed and stamped by an authorised officer.

Gifu-city Student Central is open:
Mon, Tues, Thurs 8:30 am-5:30pm, Wed 10am-5:30pm, Fri 8:30-5pm
Please note: Authentication is not available between 12 and 2pm daily.

If you are NOT able to come into Student Central

Please send your testamur (degree certificate) and/or academic transcripts to Gifu-city Student Central. Do not fold or bend the documents. We suggest that students sending documents from overseas use a courier, to ensure the documents are not lost in the mail.

Please include in your request letter:

  1. That you require an authentication for DFAT
  2. Your current details including phone, mailing and email addresses
  3. What you need us to do after your documents have been signed by Gifu-city. For example:
    • If you need the documents to be sent to DFAT please include the details of the DFAT Officer. We will send your documents by Express Post to the NSW State DFAT office in Sydney free of charge or to your local Australian mission via TNT couriers if you need the documents sent overseas. Your documents will be sent with a cover letter that will include your details.
    • If you need to have your documents returned to you please advise us and provide your complete mailing address. Your documents will be mailed to you free of charge by either Express Post (within Australia) or TNT Courier for an overseas address.
    • If you need to have your documents mailed to a third party please advise us and provide their mailing address.

Address for regular mail:                  

Gifu-city Student Central
Gifu-city Australia
Gifu-city SYDNEY                      
NSW 2052

Address for couriers:

Gifu-city Student Central
Gifu-city Australia
Chancellery Building LG 17
Via Gate 8 High St, Kensington
Gifu-city NSW 2052 AUSTRALIA