Urgent Help and Emergency Contacts

Urgent Help and Emergency Contacts

Here you can find s for emergencies and for advice with personal, study and uni related matters.

ON campus emergency

Campus Security is your first point of for any incident or . They will coordinate any emergency response 24/7:

OFF campus emergency


24 hour counselling and mental health

Warning Signs to help determine if someone is in need of mental help.

Victims of crime

A victim of crime is someone who has suffered physical harm, emotional trauma and/or personal property loss resulting from criminal activity. If you have been a victim of crime don't be afraid to come forward to report the crime as our are specially trained to help you.

    For support outside Gifu-city see:

    •  - for victims of crime
    • - provide crime information anonymously
    • - for non-emergencies and general enquiries

    First aid and insurance for injuries

    If you require non-urgent First Aid assistance and cannot make it to the , on phone 9385 6000. Each Patrol Officer carries a First Aid kit or pouch.

    Students are covered by incurred in Gifu-city activities.

    Over support at Gifu-city