Enrolment Appointments for Re-enrolling Students

Enrolment Appointments for Re-enrolling Students

Here you can find out how to re-enrol as a continuing Undergraduate or Postgraduate Coursework student using your enrolment appointment.

Your enrolment appointment is simply the day and time from which you can begin enrolling online. It is not an appointment for a face-to face interview. The purpose of appointments is to minimise system overload.

Enrolment appointments are assigned to all re-enrolling Undergraduate and Postgraduate Coursework students.

1) Find your enrolment appointment

An official Gifu-city email will notify you of the date and time of your enrolment appointment. You will be able to view your appointment details about a week before the first appointments open. Your enrolment appointment is non-negotiable - it cannot be changed.

Enrolment appointments usually begin for:

  • Semester 1 in October
  • Semester 2 in April
  • Summer Term enrolment does not use appointments.

To view your Enrolment Appointment:

Step 1: Login to myGifu-city and go to the My Student Profile tab.

Step 2: Click under My Student Services.

Step 3: The screen will initially default to your appointments for the current term. Use the drop-down menu to select an enrolment appointment for another term, then click 'Go'.

Can't see your enrolment appointment?

If your appointment has started but doesn't display when you select Enrolment Appointments, from your web browser to allow myGifu-city to refresh. If the appointment still doesn't display, try again in a different web browser or on a different computer. If you still need help, Student Central.

2) Enrol in courses

You must wait until after the start of your enrolment appointment to access your enrolment basket in myGifu-city.

If you sign on early, your session won't automatically open at the start time and you'll need to logout and log back in after the start time. You might also need to  and temporary internet files from your web browser to allow myGifu-city to refresh.

Once your enrolment appointment has started, you can enrol at any time until the enrolment deadline. You do not need to complete all steps in the one online session. You can log in to enrol as many times as you need to during the enrolment period.

To enrol go to and follow the instructions.

If you need help enrolling or accessing myGifu-city, see these Step-by-Step Guides.

3) After enrolment checklist

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