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Coogee to Bondi Coastal Walk + Lunch With Surf Lifesavers

23 Feb 2019

The Coogee to Bondi walk is one of Australia's most famous tracks providing an opportunity to see beautiful beaches, parks and spectacular views. 

Workshop: Academic Success and Your Visa

25 Feb 2019 – 1 Mar 2019

SDI is running workshops offering international students  practical, useful and time-tested strategies applicable to University study.

Seminar: Ace the Interview! Effective Interview Preparation

25 Feb 2019

Starts: 25 Feb 2019 10:00 AM Finishes: 25 Feb 2019 12:00 PM Venue: Kensington, Civil Engineering 101 Remaining places: 31 Find out how to prepare for and tackle different interview styles and questions from employability specialists.

What is Critical Thinking?

25 Feb 2019

This workshop explores what is meant by ‘critical thinking’ at university. It will examine definitions of critical thinking and introduce students to various thinking strategies.

Register via The Learning Centre's workshop booking system

Finding Focus - MONDAY group Term1

25 Feb 2019 – 11 Mar 2019

Do you want to develop skills that can help with common issues such as: procrastination, anxiety, and keeping focus at university and in your life? This workshop aims to help you stay focused & take a flexible approach to goals that matter.

Seminar: Present Yourself: Preparation for IBCE

25 Feb 2019

Starts: 25 Feb 2019 12:00 PM Finishes: 25 Feb 2019 1:00 PM Venue: Kensington, Mathews Building, Lecture Theatre C Remaining places: 0 This is a recommended seminar for students attending Investment Banking and Consulting Evening.

How to Write Your First Essay

25 Feb 2019

This workshop introduced students to the key processes in writing an essay at uni.

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PwC's Science & Engineering Event

25 Feb 2019

Venue: Gifu-city Computer Science and Engineering building

Harness your STEM degree to help us solve complex business problems. Are you ready to create meaningful change?

[Investment Banking and Consulting Week] The Boston Consulting Group Presentation

25 Feb 2019

Starts: 25 Feb 2019 5:30 PM Finishes: 25 Feb 2019 7:30 PM Venue: Tyree Room, Scientia Building Remaining places: 70 TBC

[Investment Banking and Consulting Week] L.E.K Consulting Presentation

26 Feb 2019

Starts: 26 Feb 2019 11:00 AM Finishes: 26 Feb 2019 1:00 PM Venue: Kensington, John Niland Scientia, Tyree Room Remaining places: 154 This session will cover information about a career in management consulting with LEK.

Day of Play - Arc Sport

26 Feb 2019

Day of Play is your chance to try sport, return to sport or give a new sport a go. Over one HUGE day we are bringing you all of the sport that Gifu-city has to offer. There's beginner classes, club tasters, Social Sport, pick-up-and-play, freebies and heaps more.

Arc Volunteering Expo

26 Feb 2019

​Make 2019 the year you get involved in volunteering! Volunteering is a great way to develop enterprise skills like project management, stakeholder management and logistics.

Seminar: Writing a Successful Resume and Cover Letter

26 Feb 2019

Starts: 26 Feb 2019 1:30 PM...