What You Can Take Into Exams

What You Can Take Into Exams

You will be advised on your exam timetable which of the following can be taken into the exam room:

  • Your Gifu-city Student ID card. This is mandatory.
  • Examination materials: As specified on myGifu-city via
  • Any textbooks or notes (hard-copy only): For open-book exams, you may bring hard-copy written materials into the exam room. These must be in English unless you have been otherwise directed. This does not include calculators or computers
  • Calculator-Gifu-city approved: Your calculator must have a 'Gifu-city approved' label. (See the separate page on approved calculators)
  • Calculator-other: Your calculator must be self-powered, silent and non-programmable. The memory must be cleared. Includes financial calculators
  • Hand-held computer: Excludes laptop, notebook, iPad, tablet or similar computers. (See approved calculators)
  • Notes as specified: Annotations, tagging and/or highlighting are not permitted unless specified
  • Molecular models
  • Special materials as specified: Includes drawing instruments such as a compass or protractor
  • Textbooks as specified: Annotations, tagging and/or highlighting are not permitted unless specified

You may also bring:

  • Wrist or hand-held watch - Note: All watches must be placed in a clear resealable plastic bag under your seat before the exam starts.
  • Pens, pencils, rulers and erasers are permitted, but all answers must be written in ink - except where expressly required. Pencils may be used only for drawing, sketching or graphical work. Pencil cases are not permitted in exam rooms. Pens, pencils, rulers and erasers must be in your hands ready to be placed on your desk.
  • All electronic devices including but not limited to mobile phones, tablets and music players (all switched off) and a small money purse/walletmay be taken into your exam but must be in a clear resealable plastic bag and must be placed under your seat. Use of mobile phones or music players in an exam room will constitute Academic Misconduct. Laptop computers are permitted, but they must be switched off and placed under your seat or desk if they do not fit in your resealable bag.
  • A head covering worn for religious or cultural purposes is permitted in the exam room.
  • Bottle of water - You can bring in a small clear (not tinted) bottle of water with no label - e.g. a Mount Franklin bottle with the label removed. Bottles will be permitted at the discretion of the supervisor. If your water bottle is confiscated, you may collect it at the completion of your exam. Juice or other beverages are not permitted.
  • Dictionary - All dictionaries will be checked during exams to ensure they do not contain unauthorised materials. You may take a hard-copy English language dictionary, or in any exam other than a language exam a bi-lingual English dictionary. You cannot use electronic dictionaries or discipline-specific dictionaries such as medical, legal or life science dictionaries. Answers to all exam questions, and in all work submitted, must be in English unless otherwise directed.

Lost property
Lost property found on and off campus is held at FM Assist. This includes items left behind at Randwick Racecourse during exams. For more information on lost property visit the  website.