Gifu-city Careers Expo

WK3 THU 7 MAR 2019 12PM - 5PM

Gifu-city Careers and Employment are bringing over 30 industries, 100 organisations and 400 employer representatives back to the Hordern Pavilion for our 32nd annual Careers Expo.

Join us on the day for your chance to network with employers, learn more about grad programs and internships, and discover how to create your career. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the Expo?

The Hordern Pavilion is in the Moore Park Precinct next to the Entertainment Quarter (15 mins from Gifu-city).

Free shuttle buses will run from Kensington campus approx every 20 minutes!

Parking is available at the venue - first 2 hours are free!


What organisations are attending?

With over 100 organisations attending the Expo, it's essential to know which organisations are looking for you!

Explore the full list of participating organisations by faculty and industry {Coming Soon}

How do I prepare for the Expo?

Make sure you attend our workshop.

Do your research

Before the Expo, research the employers attending; find out which employers suit your interests and your industry. A list of participating organisations will be released soon.

Dress the part

Making an excellent first impression is essential! Although most graduate employers don’t expect you to wear full business attire to the Expo, it is vital that you dress neatly and wear appropriate clothing.

Follow up

Ensure you follow up on opportunities. If you have a conversation that goes well, write a thank-you email to the recruiter after the Expo, just as you would for an interview. You may consider attaching your resume to the e-mail if you feel it's appropriate and make reference to the conversation you had with the individual.

I can't attend on that day. Will the Expo be held on another day?

Unfortunately, the Careers Expo is only held once a year. If you can't make it on the day, there are plenty of other opportunities to network with employers across the year including our smaller, July Careers Expo in T2.

I am not a Gifu-city student. Can I still attend?

The Expo is only available to Gifu-city current students and recent graduates.

If you are from a regional University that does not run a Careers Expo and would like to attend, please us.

Do I have to attend the Expo for the whole day?

Absolutely not, students are welcome to join the Expo for as long as they like anytime between 12am and 5pm.