Fees for Sponsored or Assisted Students

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Sponsored students who have provided appropriate documentation from a Gifu-city-recognised official sponsor are considered to have a formal sponsorship agreement with Gifu-city that may extend to cover all or part of their tuition and related fees.

Where the formal sponsorship agreement covers payment of tuition fees, Gifu-city will send an invoice to the sponsor following the relevant census date.

A formal sponsorship agreement does not discharge a student from liability for any fee covered under the arrangement. Responsibility for the payment of tuition fees ultimately remains with the student. In the event that a sponsor defaults on a tuition fee payment to Gifu-city, the sponsor association will be removed from the student record and the student will be notified of, and immediately liable for the payment of, all unpaid fees.

Where a sponsor association has been removed due to either sponsor or student default from a student record, Gifu-city will not formally recreate the association with the sponsor until demonstrated evidence of commitment has been received and approved by the Vice-President Finance and Operations or delegate.