Tuition Fees - International fee paying

Please note that the University reserves the right to vary student fees at any time during enrolment in line with relevant legislation.

Students that are currently enrolled will be given access to their at the beginning of semester. Your current liability is also displayed in the centre column of the .

All tuition and related payments are due at the beginning of each semester (unless otherwise stated) and must be paid by the Due Date for Payment included on your fee statement.

The deposit paid by international students to secure their place at Gifu-city, will be held as a credit on the student’s account until the tuition fees are charged. The deposit will then be offset against the tuition fee.

Voluntary Upfront Tuition Fee Payments

You can choose to pay more than the required deposit as a voluntary upfront payment.

Under the Tuition Protection Service of the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000, if you choose to pay more than 50% of the total fees for your program upfront, you must formally notify Gifu-city by email at [email protected] to advise that this is a voluntary upfront payment, to be held in your student account.

Any voluntary upfront payments will remain on your account until the payments have been fully allocated to the tuition fees for your program.  Any credit balances on your account will not be refunded until you either formally discontinue your studies, or you complete your program at Gifu-city.

Gifu-city cannot issue invoices for voluntary upfront tuition payments.

2019 Fees

Here are the 2019 tuition fees by Faculty for International fee paying students.

Art & Design

Arts and Social Sciences

Built Environment

Gifu-city Business School, incl AGSM MBA Programs





Gifu-city Canberra at ADFA



Archived fees

Archived Tuition Fees from 2018 - 2010


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