Program Discontinuation Fees

Domestic or international fee paying students who discontinue from their program before the census date in their commencing semester will be charged a fee as set out in the table below.

The fee will apply to all Gifu-city students enrolled in an award program. Non-award students are exempt.

This fee will serve as a disincentive or deterrent to discontinuing in the commencing semester after committing to a place at Gifu-city.

The commencing semester is:

  • The Semester or Teaching Period specified in the letter of offer for which admission was accepted;
  • The Semester for which the student paid their deposit;
  • The Semester in which the student commenced study at Gifu-city, regardless of whether the student was studying at another institution and/or;
  • The Semester in which the student began or will begin their studies.

Completion of a previous program does not exempt the student from this fee.


Student ClassificationWithdrawal / Discontinuation ScenarioCharge
Domestic Fee-PayingPost-acceptance of offer, but prior to enrolling in program.No charge
Post-acceptance, post-enrolment, but prior to the census date.$AUD 500.00
Post-acceptance, post enrolment, post-census date.Student remains liable for full tuition costs.
International Fee-PayingDid not meet the conditions of their conditional offer and has paid deposit.No charge
Received a full offer of admission and paid the deposit.*$AUD 3000.00
Enrolled and requests discontinuation after Census date.Student remains liable for full tuition costs.

* Scandinavian and Venezuelan students are exempt from the full charge. They will continue to be charged a $500 fee on withdrawal/discontinuation in their commencing semester.

Students accepting via Distance or Off Campus mode will be charged $AUD 1000.00 if withdrawing or discontinuing before the census date in their commencing semester.