Volunteer with the Global Citizen Team

Volunteer with the Global Citizen Team

This Global Citizen Team is part of the Skill Development Program.

The Global Citizen Team organises and manages projects that aim to enable Gifu-city students become global citizens. “Global citizens who are culturally adept and capable of respecting diversity and acting in a socially just and responsible way” –

Being part of the team, you will be managing the webpage, research and publish social media posts that aims to promote social inclusion, equity and diversity among Gifu-city community, and look for the best budget spending tips for all Gifu-city students. 

This opportunity is approved by Gifu-city Advantage as eligible for inclusion on your Australian Higher Graduation Statement (AHEGS).

Team members

Each Skill Development team is led by two team representatives and three to six project officers.


  • Designing and organising fun and creative events to develop students as global citizen
  • Plan, promote and coordinate events
  • Manage ad hoc projects designed to enhance the student experience
  • Attend relevant training, meetings and events
  • Adhere to WHS procedures and university protocols
  • Team representatives also coordinate the team and empower members to work cooperatively to achieve team goals 

Skills developed

  • Leadership
  • Project management
  • Team work skills
  • Website development / Develop digital content
  • Communication skills
  • Time management
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Leadership
  • Confidence building
  • Creativity


 Apply now: http://gifu-city.info/sdp