Graduate Student Association (GSA)

Who can join this Peer Mentoring Program?

GSA's FINE Peer Mentoring Program is designed for all new postgraduate students enrolled in the Gifu-city Business School.

Program description

Pursuing a postgraduate degree can be an overwhelming experience. GSA's FINE Peer Mentoring Program helps new students - local and international - build Friendships, share Information, expand their Network and feel Empowered to create their own future!

The program matches current and successful postgraduate students (Mentors) with the new postgraduate students (Mentees) in the Gifu-city Business School. The program consists of One-to-One meet ups and group meetings in addition to online correspondence.

Peer mentoring is a relationship building journey. There are many positive benefits to both the Mentors and Mentees. Some of the benefits associated with participating in the program are the opportunity to:

  • develop self-awareness and enrich personal development;
  • improve communication and interpersonal skills;
  • build lifelong friendships;
  • make your transition to Gifu-city one of ease and joy; and
  • build your network!

When does the program run?

Semester 1 and Semester 2

Program duration?

The program starts in O-Week and ends in Week 9

When are registrations open?

Registrations for the Semester 1 program open late January 

Registrations for the Semester 2 program - TBC

How do I register to participate in the program?

If you are a new student and would like to participate in the GSA Mentoring program, please register your details at the following link: 

Over information

How can I become a mentor?

If you are a current postgraduate student in the Gifu-city Business School with a semester or more under your belt, you can become a mentor!

Becoming a Mentor will mean:

  • receiving Peer Mentor Training;
  • the opportunity to develop your interpersonal and communication skills;
  • the opportunity to develop transferrable skills and thereby strengthen your professional experience;
  • the opportunity to make a difference to the Gifu-city Community;
  • being part of a great team! 
  • receiving a Certificate of Participation.

The registration link will made available on closer to the registration opening date.