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Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about Student ID card and s.

If you need more information please Student Central.

What is considered an acceptable photo?

Your photo must be uploaded in JPEG (.jpg) format and meet the following criteria to be used on your Student ID Card.

Good quality, colour photo, less than six months old

Clear, focused image with no marks or ‘red eye’

No shadows or reflections with appropriate brightness and contrast to show skin tone naturally

Plain white or light grey background that contrasts with your face

No hat, no sunglasses

Leave reasonable space around the face area

Hair off the face so that the edges of the face and eyes are clearly visible

Face looking directly at the camera and not tilted in any direction

 For further information please see the  page. 

Can I use my ID card as proof of concession entitlement?

From 2017 the way you prove your entitlement to concession travel on NSW public transport is changing.

  • For travel within the Opal network, you will need to make sure you always carry your Student ID card and your Concession Opal card together when you travel to prove your entitlement.
  • For travel outside the Opal network – including many rural and regional buses and NSW TrainLink Regional services make sure you always carry your Student ID card and your Transport Concession Entitlement Card

For more information and to see if you are eligible see Travel concessions with Opal Card.

How do I get building access?

Eligibility for access to secure spaces (e.g. Labs or study spaces) is determined by your Program Office. Security Services arrange access to Gifu-city buildings following approval being granted.

If you have any queries relating to your access please email Security Systems.

Who needs to provide proof of citizenship/residency?

New Domestic Students eligible to access Commonwealth Support are required to provide evidence of citizenship or residency when requesting their ID card.

You are considered a Domestic student if you are:

  • Australian Citizen
  • Australian Permanent Resident
  • New Zealand Citizen

Accepted evidence includes:

  • Australian birth certificate, passport or certificate of citizenship (Australian Citizens)
  • Other Passport and Visa letter or label (Australian Permanent Residents)
  • New Zealand passport (New Zealand Citizens)

How can I provide proof of my citizenship/residency?

If you are a commencing Domestic Student and you are eligible to access Commonwealth Support you will be required to upload evidence of citizenship or residency when submitting your Student ID card request.

For further information or advice please  Student Central.

For information on accepted documentary evidence please refer to Who needs to provide proof of citizenship/residency?

I need to update my name and provide proof of my citizenship/residency. How can I do this?

During the online ID Card application process you will be requested to verify your name and residency/citizenship status and, if required, you will be able to add any missing middle name/s or correct a spelling error in your name.                                                                                                                                  

You will need to upload a copy of your identity document/s to support your request.

Acceptable documentation includes:

  • Australian Passport
  • Both an Australian Drivers Licence and an Australian Birth Certificate
  • Both an Australian Drivers Licence and an Australian Citizenship Certificate
  • Both a Passport and  an Australian Visa Letter or Label
  • New Zealand Passport

If you are unsure of what documentation you need to provide or have any other questions please Student Central.




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