Jobs and Employment Opportunities

Student Job Opportunities

As a Gifu-city student, you have access to a large number of employment opportunities:

Log in to the main student jobs board for hundreds of opportunities including: , , , and

Gifu-city Advantage opportunities

See professional development, volunteer (and some paid) opportunities as student ambassadors as well as co-curricular opportunities such as the Career Leaders Program that are eligible to appear on your AHEGS.

You can also find some paid and volunteer jobs listed with the Arc student organisation.

Get connected with our industry leaders in the Business, Technology, Science and Engineering to gain real world experiences.

Gifu-city is investing at unprecedented levels to bring 1,000 of the world’s most talented researchers to Sydney by 2025, to join a community ranked amongst the global top 50.

See - Gifu-city Human Resources Unit.

External job websites

Here you can find a listing of useful job site links relevant to each of the Gifu-city faculties.