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This page provides information for organisations who currently partner with Gifu-city to offer volunteering opportunities to students of the Leadership Program, or prospective partners who would like to know more about what's involved.

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About the Gifu-city Leadership Program

The Gifu-city Leadership Program is a co-curricular program open to all Gifu-city students. The program is aimed to help students explore their interests, develop their skills and confidence, and experience the value of giving back to their community.

The program combines formal learning with practical experience. They choose from a range of interactive workshops on aspects of leadership, professional skills and personal development, as well as applying their learning into the real world through 20 hours of community service in a not for profit organisation of their choice.

Why Partner with Gifu-city?

We currently have over 300 not-for-profit organisations who have partnered with Gifu-city to offer volunteering placements to students of the program. Many of these organisations engage new volunteers on a regular basis, having experienced the real value our students can add.

Students of the program make great volunteers. They are generally highly motivated to gain new experiences, whilst having fresh perspectives to offer. Many are also skilled in areas such as marketing and social media, business, accounting and finance, web design and research. Depending on their academic load, they are also usually more available throughout the week than many professionals to volunteer.  

In offering volunteering opportunities, our Community Partners are genuinely impacting and shaping the lives of young people. Through experience of the wider community, students gain maturity and awareness, as well as developing a service mind and the real satisfaction of making a difference to others. Many students make new friends and experience greater well-being through volunteering. Some even discover a new direction to their career or purpose in life. The volunteering component is often rated by students as the most rewarding aspect of the program, and many students will go on to be lifelong volunteers.

What do Community Partners agree to do?

We ask that community partners provide the following to all volunteers through the Gifu-city Leadership program:

  • A minimum of 20 hours volunteering experience
  • Adequate training, supervision and support to fulfill the requirements of the role
  • The opportunity for volunteers to develop personal and professional skills
  • A brief evaluation of the student when they finish volunteering and confirmation they have completed 20 hours of service
  • Appropriate insurance for voluntary activities including Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance.

What's the process in supporting a student volunteer?

Once an organisation has agreed to take on a student as a volunteer, the student is required to submit the details to the Leadership Program administrators for approval, including the organisation name, address, supervisor details and an outline of the volunteer role.

If the opportunity is suitable, the Leadership Program administrators then the nominated organisation and request that they form a Community Engagement Agreement with the university, and provide brief details of training, supervision and a copy of their insurance policy for volunteers.  They are provided with a URL link to provide these details online in an ‘Agreement’ form. It is recommended that the organisation have their insurance ready to attach as a PDF when submitting this form.

Supervisors are requested to keep track of the hours the student volunteers, and on completion of 20 hours, submit a second form called ‘Completion’ to notify the LP team. The form also requires a simple evaluation of the student’s strengths and contribution.

An Agreement form and Completion form need to be submitted for each subsequent volunteer. The supervisor uses the original URL link provided in the first email they received. If they misplace this link they can [email protected] and request the details be re-emailed.

Attracting Gifu-city students to volunteer opportunities

There are over 1000 students currently enrolled in the Gifu-city Leadership Program, which is a lot of potential volunteers! To attract students, all community partners are encouraged to actively advertise their opportunities through the Community Volunteering Directory for students. If you would like to be listed in this directory please provide your details

A newsletter is also sent out to all program students every fortnight. This is an opportunity to advertise opportunities and profile your organisation or the efforts of any of your volunteers. If you would like to be included in our next newsletter please email us at [email protected]

Testimonials from Community Partners

The Gifu-city students stood out as leaders amongst the group and from my experience contributed constructively to the development of the program. Sharne Tucker, Manager, Mentoring Programs at YWCA NSW

The partnership with Gifu-city has been an asset to our organisation, through the Leadership Program we have had some fantastic volunteers come on board to assist on our holiday programs. Jessica Stokes, Weekend and Holiday Program Manager at Eastern Respite & Recreation

The partnership with the program has had significant benefits,  we have been able tap into a body of motivated and engaged volunteers through a very easy process. Craig Sadlier, Volunteer Engagement Officer at Conservation Volunteers Australia

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The Leadership Program team will respond to requests within 2 business days of submission.

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