Workshops in Leadership Program

Once you have enrolled in the program on My Record, the next step is to complete the first module online, called 'Introduction to the Leadership Program'. You will have been given a link to this in Moodle via email.

After this you need to complete 4 face to face workshops (to accrue 50 points for the learning component). These are booked via the UNSW Leadership course in Moodle, made accessible to you once you finish the Intro module. 

Workshop topics include Conflict Management, Personal Branding, Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking, and Emotional Intelligence. They have been designed by experienced staff from Student Development, New South Innovations, The Michael Crouch Centre, Student Development International and ASPIRE Aim High.

Your Gradebook within Moodle will help you keep track of your progress in each component of the program. If you can no longer attend a workshop you have booked into, you must cancel your booking through moodle. Failure to cancel your booking you will receive a warning, if you miss another one, you will barred from booking in for the remainder of that semester. 

Workshop Descriptions:

In S2/2018 we currently offer the following workshops. Please note that more workshops will be added as facilitators become available. The most up-to-date schedule of workshops you find in your Moodle Leadership module.