Language Exchange Program

The Gifu-city Language Exchange Program allows Gifu-city students from Australia and overseas to meet and exchange language and cultural insights in a relaxed environment. Participants are matched with a partner/s that speaks their language/s of choice for reciprocal learning. Groups meet and exchange language skills at their own leisure for 1 hour a week and also get the opportunity to meet and mingle with other program participants at various social events.

Whether you are interested in making friends that speak a language you want to practice, want to gain insights into cultural codes that are hard to learn from text books or prepare for a trip overseas, this program is for you.

The program is FREE and open to all Gifu-city students, staff and partners of international students. You can be a complete beginner in the language you wish to learn or an advanced speaker!

Program benefits

The program has had more than 9000 participants since it started in Semester 2, 2010 and now has around 1000 students participating each semester. 120 language combinations have been exchanged to date and countless lifelong connections have been made, including two marriages!

This program will greatly benefit Australian and international students who wish to:

  • Gain conversational experience and confidence in communicating in another language
  • Increase their competitiveness and employability in Australia and abroad
  • Improve or maintain their language skills
  • Meet friends from Australia and all corners of the world
  • Prepare for a trip, study or employment abroad
  • Take what they're learning in class a step further

"What better way is there to learn, than to meet people from a country who speak the language you would like to practice!"

Wayne See - Participated in English/Mandarin language exchange

From application to conversation

1. Apply

Applications are submitted online. You will be notified of the outcome of your application within 2 weeks from the application deadline. Please note that we may not be able to match all applicants as the outcome of any application depends on whether we have a matching application. French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Korean are VERY sought after languages. For these languages, we match students on a first come first served basis!

2. Meet and talk

Once participants have been matched, all participants will be invited to a Language Exchange Launch  where you will meet your language exchange partner/s and other language exchange program participants. At the launch, you will also get advice about how to teach and learn a language! It is recommended that all participants attend this session as it will help you get the most out of the experience! Previous program participants will also participate and share their experiences.

During the semester, exchange partners are expected to meet regularly for a minimum of an hour a week except during exam periods and semester breaks. It is the responsibility of participants to organise meeting dates and times. All groups will be provided with a Language Exchange Guide that includes useful tips and advice that can be used to guide the meetings.

Opportunities will be available throughout the semester for ALL Language Exchange participants to come together.

3. Completion of program

All participants that have met the program guidelines and want a certificate upon completion of the program can ask for a certificate by emailing: [email protected]

For more information about the program, please email [email protected]

Join the fun!!!!

Program guidelines

  3. As the Language Exchange Program seeks to develop cross cultural understanding, all participants are entitled to an experience that is free from abusive, disruptive, violent and offensive behaviour.
  4. Demonstrate mutual respect to your exchange partner at all times, particularly in relation to their cultural values, gender, and political or religious affiliations.
  5. Participants must agree to keep relationships free of discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment.
  6. Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.
  7. All conversation topics and activities should be agreed to by both parties.
  8. All personal information obtained from your partner must remain confidential at all times and must not be forwarded to others without the partner’s consent.
  9. Exchange partners are not to write assignments on behalf of another student. Any evidence of such activity will be regarded as academic plagiarism.
  10. All participants are volunteers and no participant should accept any rewards or financial compensation in return for any support offered through the program.
  11. All university policies apply to members of the program. University misconduct procedures will be applied for any inappropriate behaviour.
  12. The program is not to be used to advertise or recruit for any other associations or groups for religion or political cause.
  13. If you change your phone number or email address, please notify your exchange partner as well as SDI.
  14. Gifu-city will provide your name, telephone number, email address, hobbies/interests to a prospective language exchange partner.
  15. If you have to withdraw from the program for any reason, please advise your exchange partner as soon as possible. You are also required to notify SDI.
  16. Any participant who does not comply with the above guidelines and responsibilities may be removed from the program.
  17. If you feel uncomfortable about any aspect of the exchange partnership or encounter any problems in relation to the program, you are advised to immediately the SDI Team at [email protected] or visit the SDI Office for assistance.

Application is now open

We are happy that you have made the decision to apply to the Gifu-city Language Exchange Program! You can apply for ANY language whether you are a complete beginner or fluent in the language you wish to learn or practice! However, the outcome of your application is dependent on whether there is a matching application. French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Korean are VERY popular languages. For these languages, we match students on a first come first served basis!!! 

  • Language Exchange for 2018 Semester 1. Applications are now open.
  • Language Exchange Launch 3rd April 2018.

Please note that this application form is for new applicants or previous participants who want a new group ONLY! If you have previously participated in the program and wish to continue with the same group, you do not need to complete this application form. Just email your and your group members details to [email protected]

Apply now