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For tomorrow's leaders: Student success, resilience and wellbeing

The  website is useful for staff and students who are looking for more information on how to enhance their personal wellbeing and better manage life's ups and down at uni and in the workplace.

Mental wellbeing

AngerAnxietyBullyingDepressionLoss and griefMeditationPsychological literacy,Psychological flexibility,Psychotherapy,Permabilities, RelationshipsResilienceSelf esteemSexualityStressSuicide/self harmTraumaWellbeingWriting to support health and resilience

Studying habits

Learn to study at universityGet your study back on trackMotivation and goalsProcrastinationSleepingTime managementFacebooking

Bullying and anti-discrimination

LGBTQI, Bullying, Racial discrimination

Health, sexual health, parenting

Alcohol and drugs, Eating disorders, Sexual health, Pregnancy/parenting


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