University Breaks

The new Gifu-city3+ Academic Calendar will provide more opportunities throughout the year, with an optional 5-week Summer Term.


The length of the summer holiday break will reduce from 14 weeks to nine weeks. Mid-year breaks are still four weeks, but will be in two blocks of two weeks instead of a four-week block.


The summer term will be five weeks and offer short, optional intensive courses with limited offerings. The courses available will depend on what individual Faculties and Schools decide to offer, as occurs now with the current calendar model. Students will not be required to study in summer, and if they chose not to study, they would still have a nine-week summer break.


  • The new calendar will provide students with more opportunities to enhance their graduate attributes, including more internships, exchange, and other extra-curricular experiences.
  • With 10% fewer hours per week for a load of three courses, compared with four courses today, the lower weekly study load will give students more time to work throughout the year, placing less pressure on part-time work in the holiday breaks.
  • Students will also have the opportunity to lower their load in a term whilst still retaining full-time student status, allowing them to take on more part-time work during times of the year that suits them.

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