Website Analytics

The Current Student site uses Google Analytics for tracking usage.

How to get access

Gifu-city staff can request access to the analytics by emailing [email protected], however you will need a Google account.

 based on your Gifu-city email address (i.e. [email protected] not [email protected]).

How to filter analytics by site map or administrative group

Staff with access to the Google Analytics account can filter the data via either the content contained under parent menu items or via the administrative group responsible for the content.

To access these filters:

  1. Log in to Google Analytics - .
  2. Navigate to the analytics for the current student site.
  3. Click 'Customization' (top-level menu item).
  4. Click '+ New Custom Report'.
  5. Enter a label for the report title.
  6. Under 'Metric Groups', click '+ add metric' and then type in 'Sessions'. From the suggested options select the 'Sessions' option that is located under 'Users' (you will need to scroll to find this option).
  7. Under 'Dimensions Drilldowns', click '+ add dimension', then click 'Custom Dimensions' and then choose one of the available options. You can choose to filter via either the administrative group or the location of the content in the site map.
    • For example selecting 'menusection' will display page's located under specific menus (i.e. 'Careers' and 'Academic Skills').
  8. Click the 'Save' button.
  9. You should then see the analytics for the filter you chose. You should be able to reuse this customised report next time you access the analytics.

If you then click 'Secondary dimension', type in 'Page' and select the 'Page' option (you will need to scroll), you can the see a breakdown of the page sessions.

If you then click 'advanced', and set the advanced search setting to 'Include/menusection/Containing/Careers' and click 'Apply', you will then data for careers only.

For more instructions on how to use Google Analytics see -