Instructions for Editing Wellbeing News/Events

1) Log in to edit site

Log in at using your Staff zID and password.

Once logged in you then edit these wellbeing notices and event pages -

2) Create a new notice or event

NOTE: Updates to old notices will automatically be published to students as new notices!

3) Copy/paste for new content


  • Are there any images to include?
  • Click the "Counselling and wellbeing" radio button under 'FILTERS' to display the notice on the Global Notices page.
  • Have you entered text into the 'Summary' field? Beware that text entered into this field does not appear in the main notice which means students won't see this if they access the notice via a direct link (as opposed to via the index page of global notices).

Copy the following text into the "Body" field of the notice:



  • Rather than leave documents attached to bottom of the notice, you can copy/paste the link of individual documents and then insert these into your copy.
  • Images - if encounter issue with the images not fitting correctly you can use this Editorial image template in PowerPoint to adjust the image.
  • When adding email addresses (i.e. [email protected]) the website will automatically recognise these as email hyperlinks so you don't need to manually create a link. If you try to manually create a hyperlink for each email address the site might then attempt to open the email as as web page rather than as an email link which will cause a broken link.