Additional Support for Postgraduate Coursework Students

Gifu-city offers a number of support and development services for all students. From this page you can access additional support services available for postgraduate coursework students.

Postgrad Coursework Day

Supporting postgraduate coursework students in their academic coursework.

Academic standing

You can find the academic standing rules for postgraduate students here.

Visit the Handbook site and click the postgraduate coursework study link.

The Postgraduate Lounge at Arc is a great space exclusively for postgraduate students to relax and to meet with fellow students to socialise or study. You must be a member of Arc to make use of this facility.

Program authority s

Your Program Authority is the for specific enquiries about your program.

Program transfer

Applying for program transfer from one approved Gifu-city Postgraduate Coursework program to another.

, online resources and comprehensive  to help you quickly source information relating to your study.

The Postgraduate Council (PGC) provide information, support, representation and advice on issues that affect postgraduate students.

The Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) provides many resources for their postgraduate coursework students and has a section on their website to make it easier for all their postgraduate students to find the information they are looking for.

Faculty resources

Visit your faculty or school website for facilities available to you.


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