Release Request

If you would like to transfer to another education provider within the first six months of study, you need a release from Gifu-city.

A release cannot be issued if:

  • You do not have an unconditional offer from another institution.
  • You have any outstanding debt to the University.
  • Your request to transfer to another education provider does not comply with .

A release is only granted under .

If you are applying on Compassionate and Compelling grounds for Release from Gifu-city please have the authorising professional complete the attached form. “Request for Release from Gifu-city Due to Illness or Misadventure – Professional Authority Form” link

International student visa holder who have current access to  can apply for release by accessing My Student Profile tab > My Student Services channel > Online Services > Statements.
Follow the instructions and select 'Release Letter'.

Once you have submitted the request, Student Development International will you for an interview.

Applications may take up to ten (10) working days to process.

When your release has been approved, you will then be advised to discontinue your program via myGifu-city. Please DO NOT discontinue prior to receiving approval.

If you don't have access to myGifu-city complete the Release Request Form (PDF, 201 KB, 3 pages).

This form is only to be used by students who do not have access to myGifu-city. Scan and email the form to [email protected] or submit it in person at Student Development International, Kensington campus.