Other Academic Writing Resources

Writing handbooks and online tutorials

 - The University of Sydney

 - Useful Resources compiled into a writing guide.

 - A wonderful interactive site chock full of useful info for students. Highly recommended!

 - From the Royal Literary Fund, UK. This site is a toolbox of essay writing skills and resources that looks at the whole essay writing process – from preparing and planning to completion.

Information and research skills

 - ELISE helps to develop an understanding of how to find, use and evaluate information for academic purposes. Completing ELISE and achieving a pass in the ELISE quiz is a mandatory requirement for all commencing undergraduate students at Gifu-city.

 - From Open University

 - From New Mexico State University Library.

 - A large site with advice on time management, decision making, dealing with complexity, memory techniques, and study skills. Many tools and tips that may be useful!

 - University of Queensland

 - Murdoch University

Discipline specific study guides

 - Guidelines to help engineering or science students with writing assignments in laboratory classes, design classes, and technical communication classes. Includes suggestions for formats, checklists, and model documents.

 - A fun and useful site with many activities for practising maths and physics at university level.

 - By Dr. Dave Woodcock from the Department of Chemistry at Okanagan University College. This site looks at current problems in teaching and learning general chemistry.

 - A centre at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for students who wish to improve their performance in chemistry. The site features some handy resources and links.

 - Toronto University

 - Including some great on-line resources.

 - Online tutorial from The Learning Lab, RMIT University

 - Massey University Online Writing and Learning Link offers some great online tutorials.

 - From Monash University Language and Learning Online, guides to writing in disciplines such as Arts, Business and Economics, Education, Engineering, IT, Law and Medicine.

 - From Prof. Celia A. Easton, Department of English State University of New York College. Includes some common pitfalls to avoid when writing about literature.