FASS Peer Mentoring Program

The  Arts and Social Sciences Peer Mentoring program is designed for students joining the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in 2019. Degrees you might be studying include: Media, Education, Criminology, Arts, International Studies, Music, Social Work, and Social Research and Policy.

Program Description

The Peer Mentoring Program in Arts and Social Sciences links senior students to groups of first-year students to support and encourage you, and give you an opportunity to meet other new students and get to know the who, what, where and how of uni life.
Mentors are waiting to meet you. Mentors host get-togethers, share their knowledge at face-to-face meetings, on our discussion board, and  keep you updated with must-know information and point you in the right direction.

"The Peer Mentoring Program has helped me to adapt to the university life, connecting me with other people doing the same course. The mentor has been very helpful in providing relevant information regarding the course and information every 1st year student needs to know." (previous Mentee)

When does this program run?

Term 1 only.

You will get to know people from the very start of the year at the Arts and Sciences Mentoring Kick Off in O week where you will meet your Mentor and other students in your mentoring team.

Program duration

This program starts in O week and ends in Week 7

How do I register to participate in the program?

Follow this link to the Arts and Social Sciences Peer Mentoring registration page:

More information

For more information about the Arts and Social Sciences Peer Mentoring Program, contact
Zarni Jaugietis, Program Manager - Student Development

Email: [email protected]

Website: FASS Peer Mentoring

How can I become a mentor? 

If you would like to become a mentor we would be thrilled to hear from you!

Contact Zarni Jaugietis, Program Manager - Student Development