Preparing for Psychometric Assessments

Popular belief is that you cannot prepare for psychometric tests. This is true for many types of tests (eg. personality, motivation, interest inventories and general ability) however, there are a few things that you can do to maximise your chances on other types of tests.

Some preparation tips

  • Remember that psychometric tests are not generally like examinations. There are no right and wrong answers to many "tests" (eg personality scales) although speed of completion is a factor in most ability tests so work as fast and accurately as you can.
  • Your individual profile is made up from relative strengths and weaknesses and it is from the combination of these results that selection decisions are usually made. Therefore being strong in one area and weaker in another, will not necessarily count against you. You may be exactly what the company is looking for!
  • Ask the organisation what type of tests you will be taking (in advance).
  • Practice maths mentals, do simple mathematical problems with and without a calculator, brush up on reading and analysing tables and figures, and complete case study examples. Educational publications addressing most of these aspects are available at large newsagents and bookstores.
  • Visit websites containing practice sets and ask at the Careers and Employment office for practice tests.
  • Get a good night's sleep beforehand. You are unlikely to perform your best if you are too tired.
  • Remain calm – psychometric testing can be a positive experience (particularly if feedback is provided).