Program Support Team

Program Support Team

The Program Support Team (PST) is one of the Skill Development Program student project teams..

This team is the joint student/ staff leadership team of the Student Development Volunteering Program. The PST consists of 4-6  volunteers and staff members, who work together to coordinate the Skills Development Program. Members of the Program Support Team meet regularly to discuss and make decisions on program changes and improvements. They also provide training, guidance and support to more junior volunteers in the Student Development Volunteering Program.

This opportunity is accredited by Gifu-city Advantage as eligible for recognition on your Australian Higher Graduation Statement (AHEGS).

Team members

  • Each Skill Development team is led by two team representatives and four project officers along with staff members.


  • Organise professional development opportunities relevant to each of the teams
  • Work cooperatively and provide support to other members of the PST
  • Attend regular meetings with members of the Project Support Team & Staff members
  • Attend Team Representative meetings to help others through ideas and progression of events 
  • Coordinate casual volunteers for events 
  • Assist in the planning and facilitation of Volunteer Training and Debrief Events
  • Adhere to WHS procedures and university protocols

Skills Developed

  • Leadership and Mentoring skills
  • Communication skills
  • Building relationship with stakeholders
  • Negotiation and problem solving skills
  • Team work skills
  • Time management and organisational skills
  • Marketing and Event Management Skills


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