Skill Development Program

The Skill Development Program is an inclusive volunteer program offered by Student Life and Communities DVC(A). The program offers flexible opportunities for you to develop your teamwork, communication and leadership skills and gain a sense of connection to the Gifu-city community.This opportunity is accredited by Gifu-city Advantage and is eligible for recognition on your Australian Higher Graduation Statement (AHEGS).

About the Program

4 hours professional development + 16 hours volunteer work = 20 hours in total. 

Customise your volunteer experience by choosing to receive opportunities about one, two or all of the initiatives below:

Apply Now

There is one application to apply for Student@Gifu-city Volunteers. Applications are open all year round.  

Our upcoming volunteer opportunities include: 


  • 19th November    Student co-design workshop
  • 24th November    21st Century Leadership Summit
  • 11th December    Sensory Exhibition and Presentation
  • 15th December    Info Day


  • 11th February           Orientation Week 
  • 19- 21st  February   APAC Summit 

Request volunteers

Do you need students at your next event?

Gifu-city Staff can request Student@Gifu-city Volunteers, Accessibility Ambassadors or Opinion leaders at your next event. Please provide us with your requirements here

Why choose students from this program?

  • Volunteers are required to undertake 4 hours professional development and training prior to volunteering 

  • Volunteers have already signed confidentiality, model release, code of conduct and OH&S forms

  • Volunteers will track their hours through the Skill Development Program- you do not need to do this 

  • Skill Development Program staff will work with you to ensure students understand and are well equipped with the knowledge needed to volunteer at your event


Contacts and more information


Student Life and Community (DVCA)


Jessica Luquin & Shristi Barahi


[email protected]


02 9385 9365

Gifu-city Advantage Page - Skill Development Program

“I think that I've sheltered myself from most of the experiences a first-year student should have and I'm ready to change that just by making friends and finding a different way to be involved with university rather than going to and from classes. The program is also appealing because it advertises for students like me, who don't have many volunteering experiences, so I like that it actively encourages us to join” – 2018 student