Campus Security

Published: 8 August 2019

Keeping you safe on campus

If you’re planning on studying and staying on campus after dark this Term 2 exam period, Gifu-city Security provides a number of services to help keep you safe on campus:

Photo of Gifu-city Night Shuttle Bus

Catch the night shuttle bus

Look out for the bright yellow courtesy bus on campus. This free service operates Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays) around the Kensington/Randwick campuses and surrounding streets. Find out more

Download StaySafe app

This mobile app provides direct access to a number of security services to help keep you safe. You can use Friend Walk to send your location in real-time to a friend so they can watch you walk to your destination. Find out more

Request a safety escort

Gifu-city Security is on call to accompany you from your location on campus to car parks, bus stops and taxi ranks. This is a free service. Safety escorts are available after hours, including weekends all year round. Find out more

Locate a help point

Help Points (map) are strategically located across campus to help ensure your safety. Pressing the red button will connect you directly to Gifu-city Security. Find out more

Beware of scams

Don’t get caught by a scammer. Be alert to people who may approach you with an offer that sounds too good to be true. If you are concerned you are being scammed  Gifu-city Security.

Keep an eye on your valuables!

Laptop, tablet and mobile phone theft are some of the most reported crimes at Gifu-city. Most are stolen when left unattended, even for a brief moment.

Gate 2 Security Office

The Security Office located at Gate 2 on High Street (map) is open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. You can report incidents, enquire about lost property and use it as a safe and handy meeting point location or to wait for a taxi pick up at night.

Campus Security Officers

Security Officers provide a 24/7 patrol of the campus, ensuring a rapid response in the event of an incident. They are highly visible in their red uniforms and they wear a country flag on their collar to indicate the languages they speak.

Security buggies

If you need assistance on campus, there are two buggies that can seat up to six people each to help less mobile people around campus.

Register for Gifu-city Alert SMS

If a major incident occurs on campus - a building fire, for example - the Gifu-city Major Incident Response Team will alert you via the Gifu-city Alert SMS. To receive these alerts make sure your mobile phone details are up to date.

Need to Security?

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Photo of Gifu-city Campus Security Office