'Shut Up and Write' Research Writing Group Café Meet-ups

Get that PhD moving and get writing! Start the year as you mean to end it – make writing a routine part of your life.

The Learning Centre is hosting a series of Shut Up and Write! café meet-ups for Gifu-city Higher Degree Research students. Meet-ups are held weekly. We come together for an hour for good coffee, good company and great productivity. You’ll be amazed at how much you can achieve in an hour: you may even build a habit for writing that will stand you in good stead for all of 2019 and beyond.


Meet Up Details for 2019

    • Time and day: One hour weekly - Fridays 9.30am - 10.30am
    • Venue: Courtyard Café, AGSM Building (Upper campus, just near Botany Street gate). See G27 on the map:  
    • What you’ll need: Bring your writing equipment: laptop, tablet, ipad, pen and paper - whatever will help you be productive.

How it works

  • Any Gifu-city HDR student can join in. There’s no fee or registration - just come along.
  • We’ll put up a sign at the café so you'll know who we are and where to sit. 
  • At each SUAW meeting, someone from The Learning Centre will be there to make sure the group does just that – stop talking and start writing.
  • On the hour, we begin writing in silence and stop 25 minutes later for a 10-15 min break. Then we settle down again for another 25 minutes of writing. And then the session winds up. 
  • After the session, if you want to keep writing, do so; if you want to hang around longer for coffee and conversation, there’s also likely to be others with the same plan.

If you’re interested, you can read how Shut up and Write! originated in the San Francisco Bay area and how it’s been taken up in countries all around the world. Here are some references:   and  Mewburn, I., Osborne, L. & Caldwell, G. (2014) ‘Shut up & Write: Some surprising uses of cafés and crowds in doctoral writing’ In C. Aitchison & C. Guerin (eds) Writing groups for doctoral education and beyond: Innovations in practice and theory Oxon: Routledge.

How to set up a writing group

Interested in starting a SUAW writing group? Some tips are outlined below.

The Learning Centre recommends HDR writers form groups of 3 to 5 to meet on a regular basis. The idea is that you ‘shut up and write’ for an hour.

  • Try to meet weekly at least for 1 to 2 hrs of silent writing time.
  • Bring your writing equipment: laptop, tablet, ipad, pen and paper - whatever will help you be productive.
  • Begin with a few minutes of hellos and setting up, then start work.
  • Appoint someone to be time-keeper. Take turns doing this and nominate a different person each week.
  • Turn OFF your phone, email, social media and anything else that will distract you. If you can't turn off your devices, set them to 'silent' and leave them in your bag.
  • Start writing in silence and stop 25 minutes later for a 10-15 min break.
  • Then continue writing for another 25 minutes.
  • After the first hour, if you want to keep writing then continue.
  • Finish your writing time by noting down thoughts about what to deal with in your next writing session

Where to meet?

Choose a warm, dry place where you can sit in comfort and without too many distrations:

  • The  on Level 4 has group study rooms that you can book during Library opening hours. Log in to  to book a . Study desks, computers and printers are available.
  • The  has study rooms that members can book.
  • One of the cafes on campus. has booth seating for 4 to 6 people with power points. (‘Bar Navitas’ ground floor, Tyree Energy Technologies Building (Lower campus, just near Anzac Parade). See H6 on the map:  )