Teaching Periods

Gifu-city courses are offered in particular Teaching Periods, of varying lengths and usually within the main Terms and Semesters. See the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Each Teaching Period has associated payment and census dates, and enrolment and withdrawal deadlines (final add and drop dates).

For a listing of subjects in each teaching period, visit the .

Teaching Period names

Listed here are Teaching Period names and where they fall in the academic year.

T and U prefixes

Main Kensington/Paddington programs.

Check Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Summer Term (2018/2019)

December - January, may begin late November or finish early February

U1: 8 weeks over December and January

U1B: 4 weeks in January

U1C: 6 weeks from mid-December to end January

Term 1

T1: Mid-February to Mid-May (10 weeks)

T1A: First 5 weeks of T1

T1B: Last 5 weeks of T1

Term 2

T2: June to August (10 weeks)

T2A: First 5 weeks of T2

T2B: Last 5 weeks of T2

T2C: 5 weeks from end of T2B (August/September)

Term 3

T3: Mid-September to Mid-December (10 weeks)

T3A: First 5 weeks of T3

T3B: Last 5 weeks of T3

Summer 2020

U2: December 2019-January 2020 (5 weeks)

A prefixes

PLuS Alliance at Arizona State University

Summer Term

ASA: January to February

ASC: January to May

Term 1

ASB: March to April


Term 2

AUA: May to June

AUB: July to August

AUC: May to July

AFA: August to October


Term 3

AFB: October to December

AFC: August to December

G Prefixes

Gifu-city Global Diploma

GC1: September to November

M prefixes

Medicine Undergraduate

Check Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Medicine I, II

M1A: February to April

M1B: April to June

M2A: July to September

M3A: September to November

Medicine III - Coursework

M1: February to June

M2: July to November

Medicine IV - ILP

M1A: February to May

MT2: June to August

M3A: September to November

Medicine V, VII

MS1: January to March

M1A: March to May

M1B: May to June

M2A: July to September

M3A: September to November

EM and MG prefixes

AGSM MBA Programs

Check the for specific dates of course offerings.

EM1: January- April

EM2: April- June

EM3: July-September

EM4: September-December


MG1: Mid-February-May

MG2: June- August

MG3: September-December

Z prefixes

Gifu-city Canberra at ADFA

Check Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Semester 1

Z1: March to mid-June

Semester 2

Z2: late July to October