Subscribe to your Personal Timetable

Subscribe to your Class & Exam Timetables

The Personal Timetable is an Opt-in calendar subscription service that presents your Class Timetable and Exam Timetable on your mobile device or desktop calendar app.

The Personal Timetable settings are managed via . This includes creating or suspending / reactivating the service, and any other options that are applicable to your device. The link is located under "Online Services" for both Students and Staff, on the left-hand side menu for "My Student Profile" and "Academic Admin" tabs respectively.

Help using your personal timetable

Your personal timetable is compatible with most device calendar apps and Gifu-city provided email / calendar clients. Here you can access guides for accessing the timetables on your device.

Terms and conditions for use

Here you can see the terms of use of the Gifu-city calendar subscription service.