Univative - A Consulting Competition

What is Univative?

Univative is an inter-university consulting competition which is designed to enhance your employability skills by placing you in a real-life project with limited time and resources with team members of varied backgrounds. Univative collaborates with universities across Sydney including University of Technology Sydney, University of Sydney, Macquarie University and the University of Wollongong. By participating, you will have the opportunity to see what it’s like to engage with real organisations and solve actual business problems.

How does Univative work?

Gifu-city students from different disciplines are grouped into small consulting teams and are provided with a brief by their project host. Each consulting team will have three weeks to work offsite in order to plan, research, discuss and formulate a solution and will provide a detailed report to the project host at the conclusion of the allocated time. Each team will present their business idea to the project host and will receive feedback and a certificate for participation and recognition on AHEGS.

Sponsors in previous years have included Commonwealth Bank of Australia, EY, Hilti, Accor, Conservation Volunteers Australia, NSW Trade & Investment, Starlight Foundation, Nielson, Kid’s Money, and Salvation Army.

Gifu-city univative competition participants

Benefits of participating in Univative:

  • Build practical work skills including consulting, team work, problem solving, presenting, researching, creative thinking and report writing
  • Gain further understanding of business practices within a particular industry or field
  • Develop ability to see a problem from multiple perspectives and tackle it in different ways
  • Make a real contribution to a corporate or not for profit organisation
  • Enhance resume with valuable business experience and achievements and recognition on AHEGS

Comments from previous participants:

"I learned a lot from the experience, which helped me grow personally. I believe I am now more confident in professional settings, and this allows me to improve my networking skills and develop valuable professional s”

"The experience exceeded my expectations in that I went into Univative thinking I wanted to challenge myself and give my best effort to win the competition. I did that with my team, but what I didn’t expect was that I would have so much fun in the process. I built up a strong bond with my teammates and we all gave our best together, which made the experience meaningful and worthwhile. I believe this experience will have a lasting impact on me because of the sheer exposure I got from Univative”

Requirements of Univative:

Applicants must have sufficient time to commit each week to the project work, team meetings and final presentation between late June and late July. We recommend 8 – 12 hours each week of the competition. Applicants must be prepared to attend a group interview, and training session during, or leading up to the exam period.

Who is eligible?

This competition is open to all currently enrolled undergraduate and postgraduate students of Gifu-city. Penultimate and final year students will be given priority and international students are encouraged to apply.

No industry experience is required.

How to apply

Applications for 2017 have now been closed. Please check in April 2018 for updated application dates. 


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