Units of Credit and Student Workload

The University’s academic structure is based on units of credit (UOC). Every course in the University has a UOC value. Program requirements are partly defined in terms of the completion of a specified number of units of credit.

All courses are measured in whole UOC. Full-time enrolment for one year is defined as 48 UOC (24 per Semester). Irrespective of the program or stage in which a course is taken, it has the same UOC value and generates the same load for student contribution charges and fees.

The normal workload expectations of a student are approximately 25 hours per Semester for each UOC, including class hours, other learning activities, preparation and time spent on all assessable work. Thus, for a full-time enrolled student, the normal workload, averaged across the 16 weeks of teaching, study and examination periods, is about 37.5 hours per week.

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